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Aerial Yoga

Group bookings

 5 places available


1 hour 15 minutes


Look out for Nays

'Pop up' Aerial yoga workshops throughout 2021 !

Festivals include 

The Great Estate

Rock Oyster

Paradis Festival



Hip Hop Yoga and Beach Yoga

Private Group bookings

   20 places available


 1 hour


 Regular Beach yoga 

Fridays 9.30 am

Maenporth Beach 

Block booking 4 weeks £30

Festivals include

The Great Estate 

Rock Oyster 



SUP Yoga

Private Group bookings

5 places £25pp

Sup River tours

£35pp including sup tuition and yoga

Regular 'SUP yoga Sundays' classes Starting June

£15pp Block booking 6 sessions £60

Festivals include



Upcoming Workshops

No judgements. No ego.
Just fun and fitness. 

Nays Yoga...Land Earth, Sea Water, Sky Air made for those who want to explore their inner movement flow by altering their outer perceptions. Regular classes in Ashtanaga, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga and Stand up paddle board yoga.

Working with the seasons and incorporating the suitable elements within them, develops an awareness towards nature which then can enhance productivity and nurturing qualities to the self.

Beach Yoga Cornwall UK

Hip Hop Yoga and Beach Yoga

Hip Hop Yoga is based on a collection of adapted Vinyasa flow yoga sequences but practised to the latest urban beats and old-school hip hop; reinventing traditional yoga as you know it! Tune in whilst tuning out, you will move your body through each pose and find the music and rhythm making their way into your soul.  check out the video at the home page for more inspiration.

Beach Yoga has all the same physical benefits as a normal yoga class but added escapism for the mind. The sounds of the ocean, and the beautiful scenery make it a yoga class full of bliss.  Join Nay on a regular Tuesday or Friday at Maenporth beach, Falmouth.

SUP Yoga

Many times we hurry to get from one pose to the next and forget to pay attention to how we move, how we focus and the quality of our breath. Yoga on a stand up paddle board helps you to slow down your pace and gain more focus on your practice.

SUP yoga is a great practice for developing mindfulness, focus, balance and breath skills because it takes all of those skills to be present during this type of practice

If you enjoy trying new things, being in and on the water, having spaciousness and freedom to expand your yoga knowledge, you will love this unique outdoor experience! Book a Private Group  with Nay from June 2021. 


Aerial Yoga

Among its many physical benefits - Increasing flexibility, healing back problems, increasing strength, improving balance, aiding digestion and even improving memory!

 Aerial Yoga can also help improve many aspects of everyday life, including building confidence and overcoming fears. Aerial Yoga allows a change in ones physical perception, due to its supportive nature- inversions and supported yoga postures become attainable.

 It brings out a light playful energy with feelings of the child within. 
You'll leave the sessions with beaming smiles and a spring in your step!


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